Mal island, Ninigo. 

The comity that welcomes us in Mal. 

The lagoon, you can see Lau island. 

Meeting with Justin, head of the family, lots of kids and his mother Lucy. 

Justin's new house.

Girls showing us around the very nice village. 

Where is Belgium, and where is Ninigo ? 

A new way of making a living, no more copra but it's all seaweed now. 

Simone, hairdresser in a former live, is chasing lice ! 

Serious talking. 

That is how the sailing canoes work. 

Invited for diner. 

Boys fishing.

Longan island, Ninigo. 

Lagoon seen from Longan island anchorage.

Walking through the village with Oscar.

Visiting the school, last grade. 

Nice wild flower garden. 

Diner at Oscar's and Karen's place. 

Stanley is the carpenter.

Scofiel, from the next door village, seeks help for the severe wound at his leg. We can only replace the bandage. 

We have al lot of bad weather .

Sunday family visit to Longan island .

Kids don't wear a lot of cloths around here.

Goodbye to Karen. 

Auto pilot on the operation table.

Too much fish for us (Spanish mackerel). 

Oscar and Karen with some of the many schoolkids.

The village toilets.

Our sailing experience with the canoes. 

Tony took the pictures, I'm on the second canoe. 

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